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What is Probate?

Probate describes the process of dealing with a persons assets after they have died. The Probate process is two pronged, one applying for the actual Grant of Probate and the second reporting to the Inland Revenue on the size of the estate for tax purposes.

Depending on the value of the assets the probate procedure can be relatively straight forward to very complex.

If the value of the assets is below the inheritance tax threshold then the Inland Revenue require form IHT205 completing. This is a relatively short form only 4 pages long but care has to be taken answering the questions.

If the value of the assets is over the inheritance tax threshold then the Inland Revenue require form IHT400 and possibly 23 'schedules' or forms completing, if you are unlucky that could mean 112 pages of form filling!

We provide a service to help you through the probate procedure and have the experience and professionalism to be able to give you advice as you need it and will happily give you a fixed price for obtaining Probate. The cost can be as low as £595.00 including VAT, call us for a brief no obligation chat about costs and what would be best for you.

We provide different levels of service depending on what you want to do.

Execution only Grant of Probate: - you write and collect all the information relating to the assets and then give it to us for us to prepare the Oath for Executors (the Probate side of the application) and the IHT205. Once we have the Grant of Probate you will then be able to register the Grant and administer the estate. This costs £499.00 inclusive of VAT.

Simple Probate Service:- we collate the financial information prepare the oath for Executors and IHT205, obtain the Grant of Probate and register this and collect the assets and distribute the estate. This costs from £799.00 inclusive of VAT depending on the number of assets and beneficiaries named in the Will.

Full Probate service: - This is for the more complex estate where the value of the assets exceeds the current inheritance tax threshold of £325,000 and an IHT400 is required. We provide the full Probate service from £1,500.00 inclusive of VAT

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